5 Questions To Ask a Fence Contractor in St. Petersburg

Fences are functional, attractive solutions to nosy neighbors and roaming animals and act as safe containment for children and pets. Before starting the installation process, you should prepare by creating a list of questions to ask a fence contractor. If you live in St. Petersburg, FL, consider adding the following questions suggested by St. Petersburg’s vinyl fence contractor to your list.  

#1 Do You Have Any References?

Online reviews provide a wealth of information about any business. Any discerning homeowner will read reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other applicable avenues. But fence-building services require a company to build lasting relationships.

After checking the reviews, ask the company’s representative for references. Previous customers who enjoyed satisfactory services will gladly share their experience with you. 

#2 How Long Have You Been in Business?

Business history plays an important role in how the contractor provides services. If you can’t find the information online, ask about how long the business has operated under the same name.

Keep in mind that name changes and ownership transfers do occur and request information about these changes as well. 

#3 Are You Licensed and Insured in St. Petersburg?

Asking for evidence of licensing and insurance is among the most important questions to ask a fence contractor. Your contractor should have workers’ compensation and liability insurance to protect their workers and your property from any damage that may occur. Without proper licensing, a fence company can leave you to handle any property damage or poor work their contractors leave behind. 

Ask if your fence contractor is licensed and insured to work in St. Petersburg, FL. You may also ask for copies to add to your personal records.

#4 Can You Get the Proper Permits in St. Petersburg?

Both states and municipalities may require specific permits for fence construction. St. Petersburg, FL, has its own laws regarding fencing on residential properties. A reliable fence contractor will help you attain the appropriate permits for the project.

Without the proper permits, you could face fines and ordinances that demand you dismantle the fence. Experienced contractors are already familiar with local and state laws regarding their work. 

#5 Can You Estimate the Price and Time Required for My Project?

No one likes unpleasant surprises, especially when they affect their wallets and outdoor navigation. A reputable fence company will provide a free estimate detailing any costs associated with your fencing project. It should include accurate pricing information that also allows some flexibility.

A fencing company should never hit you with surprise fees or extra charges. An experienced contractor should also offer a reasonable timeline. Skilled contractors don’t drag projects out endlessly nor do they finish quickly without checking the quality of their work.  

Have Questions to Ask a Fence Contractor?

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