5 Signs Your Home Needs a Fence Replacement

fence replacement

Do you need to replace your fence?

Fencing isn’t only an attractive feature to brighten our yards. It’s a practical way to cordon off the boundaries of our land. But if you have old fencing, there is a chance it’ll need replacing.

Read on for this guide on five signs your home needs a fence replacement.

1. You Have Holes

The fence boards might have polka-dotty holes starting to appear. If so, this is a sign of pest damage. Whether it’s mice or termites, you may have bigger problems. So it’s important you check for pests and deal with any infestation if there is one at the same time.

Once you’ve dealt with the cause of these holes, you can replace your fencing. Don’t replace it before the infestation is gone, as this will be a waste of money when they damage the new one.

2. Your Fence Leans or Sags

If your fence leans or sags, then it could be a sign that you need to replace the fence posts. If you only have this issue in one small area, then replacing that one post should be ok.

If the fence leans or sags in many different places, this is a bigger task. This is a sign that your entire fence might be getting past it’s best and you’ll be better off replacing it all.

3. Boards Are Missing

As time goes on, the boards on your fence can loosen and then fall off. Your fence might look find and standing strong, but it could already have lost its structure.

If you have pets or small children, this can be a danger. The boards aren’t there to only look pretty. They are part of the structural integrity of the fence and help hold it steady.

So, if you have missing boards, make sure you replace them. Or don’t take the risk if you have lots that are loose or missing. Replace your fence, as it’s not worth the risk if an accident were to happen.

3. You Notice Rotting

You can replace one rotten board, in general, but if you have rotting across your fence then replace it. On wooden fences, the rot usually first shows where the fence is near to the ground.

This is where the boards and posts face the most moisture. The moister the conditions, the faster rot can set it. Whenever you find generalized rot on your fencing, it’s time to replace it.

5. It Needs Too Many Repairs

If it seems like every other day there is something new wrong with your fence, it’s time to think about a new one. Don’t get into that mentality of “one more repair will do it” because, in reality, it won’t.

Look at how much you’re spending on fence repairs in the last few months to a year. If you’re looking at near to a four-figure sum or more, it’s an issue. It’s a sign you should have gotten rid of your old fence ages ago.

Don’t Neglect Your Fence Replacement Needs

So, there you have it! Now you know these five signs you need a fence replacement, there is no reason to delay.

Don’t neglect it. Whether your fence is that perfect finishing statement, or it’s vital to the layout of your land. A fence that needs replacing can be a dangerous hazard, as well as an attractive meal for pests.

If you’re looking to replace your fence, contact us today. At Gulf To Bay Fence, we have the expertise for all your fencing needs.

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