9 Unique Pool Fence Ideas Ensuring Maximum Safety with Style

pool fence ideas

Do you want a way to surround your pool that looks great while also keeping out unsupervised children and unwanted guests? Consider this year’s trending pool fence ideas. As the trusted top chain link fence provider in Pinellas County, Gulf to Bay Fence can make your pool look great and keep your kids safe.

9 Trending Pool Fences

This decade’s trending fence options for pools range from beautiful natural hedges to ultra-modern glass. No matter which option you choose, you won’t feel disappointed with the results.

1. Rustic Wood

Consider surrounding your pool area with beautiful, traditional wood. You can opt for the classic look of tall wood panels that give you maximum privacy or security. However, if you want a more luxurious look, consider a shorter fence with ornate carvings.

2. Natural

If you value energy-efficient inground pools, consider growing a natural fence of shrubs or hedges. Palm trees or bamboo offer a more modern alternative to hedges, and like natural stone, they look perfect in yards with lots of landscaping.

3. Stacked Stone

If you want a swimming pool that feels like a spa or resort, consider forming a wall with natural stacked stone. It can give you complete privacy and fits perfectly in yards with lots of landscaping.

4. Mesh

Among the best pool fence ideas if you’re on a budget is the mesh fence. While they prioritize function over form, they help you secure the pool area without much investment.

5. Picket

If you want a classic type of fencing, you’ll love the benefits of a picket fence. They provide a little security and don’t obstruct your view so you can watch anyone in the area. While you can opt for a wood version, a vinyl picket fence looks just as great, requires less maintenance, and offers more durability.

6. Concrete Brick

Also called hardscaping, combining concrete and bricks offers the epitome of privacy, security, and class. It can flawlessly incorporate and flow into your existing architectural features. This option can add considerable value to your home but requires a significant upfront investment.

7. Aluminum

A step up from mesh, aluminum fences provide more aesthetic appeal without busting your budget. Much like a picket fence, it grants some security without obstructing your view.

8. Wrought Iron

A wrought iron fence creates a beautiful gothic look that feels high-end and offers the same benefit as a picket or aluminum fence. You can create a truly unique look by adding decorative features like spikes on top of the posts.

9. Glass

A glass fence is an excellent option for meeting pool fence requirements and creates an ultra-modern and luxurious look. With a high-end glass fence, you’ll become the envy of all your neighbors.

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Do you know which of these pool fence ideas would look best in your yard? Gulf To Bay Fence uses premium materials to design incredible fences that help create the perfect outdoor space. When you’re ready to install your beautiful pool fence, contact them to schedule service.

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