Four Backyard Chain-Link Fence Ideas

chain link fence ideas

Chain-link fences are rarely a homeowner’s first choice when it comes to enclosing their yards. Their plain and ordinary nature tend to turn off many aspiring proprietors. However, the team at Gulf to Bay Fence can turn a drab chain-link into a gorgeous enclosure that will make your home the highlight of the neighborhood.Here are four chain-link fence ideas that are sure to turn some heads.

1. Chain-Link Fence Slats

Inserting high-quality vinyl slats into your chain-link fence can turn an unappealing yard enclosure into a trendy work of art. Strong and sturdy slatsoffer longevity over ostentatiousness for homeowners who want a long-term, attractive fence solution. Their simple yet appealing style allows residents to upgrade their homes’ curbside appeal without reconstructing a brand-newfence.

However, chain-link fence slats often come with high prices due to their demanding installation process. That being said, slats are a great way to enhance your chain-link fence as well as your home’s outer appearance.

2. Wooden Fence Panels

Are you looking for the wooden fence aesthetic without tearing down your reliable chain-link enclosure? Then wooden fence panels are for you!

Wooden fence panels attach to your chain-link fence using a U-bracket, so you don’t have to worry about hammering hundreds of nails individually. They offer an incredible amount of privacy while surrounding your home in style. The strong wood guarantees a long life span, especially when it’s coated with a weather-resistant seal.

While wooden fence panels are great for privacy and longevity, they are quite heavy and will likely require an extra set of hands if you are looking to install them yourself.

3. Full Bamboo Screens

For homeowners looking for a more adventurous take on fencing, look no further than full bamboo screens. Their exotic elegance can take any chain-link to the next level, breathing new life into your fence and home’s exterior.

They offer a secluded sense of privacy, granting around 85% coverage on average. However, bamboo screens’ jaw-dropping aesthetic tend to come with a price. They can be hard to find and often deteriorate over time if they aren’t properly maintained. 

4. Reed Screens

Thin bamboo reed screens are a viable alternative for residences looking for the bamboo screen aesthetic with more common, easy-to-care-for materials. They offer around the same amount of privacy as bamboo screens, but because they are widely available in most parts of the country, they demand a lower price tag than other chain-link accessories.

However, their frail nature drastically diminishes their lifespan. Although reed screens are visually pleasing and offer a decent amount of privacy, they are not as durable as bamboo, and their life expectancy of less than three years doesn’t make them ideal for permanent residences.

You might be asking yourself, “these chain-link fence ideas sound great, but where can I find a respectable installer?” No worries, Gulf to Bay Fence is here for all your chain-link needs. Gulf to Bay is the #1 fence company in St. Petersburg, FL, and can handle any fencing project in the area.

If you’re looking to upgrade your chain-link fence or any outdoor enclosure, call Gulf to Bay Fence at (727) 543-3434 today!

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