Do Fencing Contractors Need to Be Licensed in St. Petersburg, FL?

do fencing contractors need to be licensed

Do fencing contractors need to be licensed in St. Petersburg, Florida, to operate in the area? If you’re considering a fencing project, you’re probably wondering whether there are contractors you shouldn’t hire in the area.

So, in this brief guide, Gulf to Bay Fence explains why contractors need licensing. They also discuss why you should only work with St. Petersburg’s top-rated fence contractor to be safe.

Everything You Need to Know About Fencing Contractors’ Experience, Eligibility, and Completed Exams

General contractors must meet very specific requirements to become properly licensed in Florida and serve the communities of St. Petersburg. Unlike HVAC and plumbing, fencing professionals do not need specialty licensing to become eligible to perform work in the state. In fact, anyone over 18 who wishes to become a fencing contractor may do so with the following credentials:

  • Four years of relevant work experience
  • A passing score for Florida’s construction exam
  • A good credit score
  • Insurance certificates
  • A background check

The person must also complete a contractors’ exam, usually Division I for fencing professionals. After acquiring workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance, the new fencing contractor can start charging for their work. However, that new license doesn’t say much about their skills, experience, or work ethic if you’re thinking of hiring them.

The Dangers of Hiring an Unlicensed Fencing Contractor

Do fencing contractors need to be licensed in St. Petersburg, FL? Yes, it will be illegal to hire an individual without the proper contractor’s licensing. Working with an unlicensed fencing contractor brings the following risks:

  • You will pay to repair any damage they cause because insurance won’t cover it
  • You will be legally responsible if they get hurt on the job.
  • You will have zero guarantees regarding professional workmanship or subpar results.

Choosing the Right St. Petersburg Fencing Contractor for Your Needs

Residential fence installation is a huge investment. Hire someone with a good reputation who is licensed, insured, and well-known for top-notch results, fair prices, and quality. Your chosen contractor should also adhere to St. Petersburg fence regulations, handle multiple types of fences (such as vinyl, wood, or chain link fence options), and have client testimonials to prove their worth.

Contact the Licensed Fencing Contractors at Gulf to Bay Fence Today—St. Petersburg, Florida

The local communities deserve to work with a fencing business that works in their best interests. Do they surpass your expectations and work hard to achieve fencing results you’ll love?

Do they have a five-star company with licensing, insurance, and over 25+ years of experience in Florida? Gulf to Bay Fence does. 

So, do fencing contractors need to be licensed in St. Petersburg, Florida? Yes, but if you want true professionalism, a team like Gulf to Bay Fence is the only safe option. Call today for a free service estimate!

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