Do You Need a Permit To Replace an Existing Fence in St. Petersburg?

do you need a permit to replace an existing fence

As a resident of St. Petersburg, FL, you deal with all kinds of phenomena: strong winds, heavy rains, and even unpredictable vehicle traffic. These occurrences can damage various property structures, including your fencing. After stumbling upon a leaning fence section or a few broken pickets, you might wonder, “Do you need a permit to replace an existing fence in St. Petersburg, FL?”

As St. Petersburg’s reliable fence company, Gulf To Bay Fence finds answers below to help you determine whether to obtain permits. 

Understanding Permit Requirements

Many locals assume their existing fences don’t require building permits during repair or replacement services. The laws vary vastly from state to state and city to city. Although a region may not publish explicit ordinances regarding fencing, the residents may still seek permits and inspections to lower their insurance rates. 

Do you need a permit to replace an existing fence in St. Petersburg, FL? St. Petersburg’s town ordinances require building permits for most major above-ground construction activity, including extensive fencing repairs and replacements. These ordinances also outline specifications regarding fence height, material, and location. 

Large-scale fence repair, replacement, and installation services usually require digging. Obtaining the proper permits ensures your contractors follow the applicable Florida building code and avoid underground utilities during construction. 

How To Obtain a Permit in St. Petersburg

The permit process can take two weeks or more, depending on whether local officials need to handle more pressing matters and observed holidays. The average process includes the following steps:

  • Plan review: During the plan review, the contractors will review any checklists and requirements that apply to the project. They’ll then fill out an application. 
  • Checklist completion: The team of contractors will complete each item on numerous checklists and pay any associated fees.
  • Submittal: The project leader will submit the application, checklists, fees, and other accompanying paperwork online.  
  • Inspections: Your contractors will schedule inspections of your property. A city official will arrive on the agreed-upon date to look over the fencing area. 
  • Certificate awards: Finally, the municipality awards the necessary certificates and permits, allowing the contractors to break ground on your fencing project. 

What About Fence Repairs?

Since fence replacement requires a permit, what about repairs? The answer depends on the repairs you need. For example, some fence sections lean toward the public sidewalk, obstructing the pathway. However, you don’t need to replace the entire fence. 

This situation still calls for a permit because a full panel of damaged fence falls under the permit-required structures identified by the municipal code. What about individual pickets and posts? These repairs are smaller in scale and require less work. Therefore, they don’t require a permit.  

Let the Fencing Experts at Gulf to Bay Fence Assist You

Do you need a permit to replace an existing fence in St. Petersburg, FL? You do need a permit under most circumstances. Let the team at Gulf To Bay Fence obtain your permits. Contact us for a free service estimate.

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