4 Best Types of Fences for Backyard

types of fences for backyard

Are you wondering about the best types of fences for backyard use? Then you’ve come to the right place. Different types of fences work better to increase property value, improve the aesthetics of a lawn, and provide privacy. 

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1. Wood Fences

Wood fencing represents one of the best and most popular forms of fencing in Florida. Wood fences provide a lot of privacy and security. They also offer variety and have an aesthetic appeal that many property owners appreciate. 

You can select from materials like: 

  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Redwood 

However, these types of fencing materials cost more than other options. Additionally, wood fencing often requires more maintenance than other fencing materials. 

2. Chain Link Fences

Chain links may represent a solid choice for your yard fencing in the St. Pete area. Chain link works very well for homeowners with pets. In addition, it’s a very economical option and often takes minimal time to install. 

Chain-link offers a lot of durability as it lasts for years without requiring much maintenance. However, some people find this fencing material unattractive. 

3. Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences offer durability and a lot of weather resistance, something useful in the wet and windy conditions throughout Florida in the summer. Vinyl also comes in many different colors, giving you the option to personalize your property. 

Fences designed with vinyl tend to last at least a decade, even without regular maintenance. However, these fences are more expensive than some other materials on the list. 

4. Metal Fences

Metal and rail fences tend to last longer than any other options for backyard fencing. You have the option of aluminum, steel, or cast iron if you’re interested in metal fences. 

Aluminum fence posts hold up very well in humid climates. However, aluminum is not a very strong material. Children or large dogs can sometimes damage or knockdown aluminum fences, making it the wrong choice for some homeowners. 

On the other hand, steel or iron fences are solid and durable. However, they do not perform as well in humid climates as they may begin to rust. In addition, they generally require sanding and painting to keep rust from spreading. 

Consider All Your Options for Backyard Fences

Now you know more about four popular types of fences for backyard use. Many experts recommend vinyl for the climate in Florida, though you may select other options. Learn about vinyl fencing and installation costs by reaching out to the professionals at Gulf To Bay Fence today. Call us at 727-513-6763 for vinyl fence installation services in the Pinellas County area.

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