Four Common Wood Fence Problems and Solutions

Wood fences offer privacy and protection. They also have a distinctive aesthetic appeal. However, like other parts of the home made from organic materials, they don’t last forever.

A well-built wood fence can last as long as a chain link fence, but it can occasionally develop some problems. The premier company for wood fencing in St. Petersburg, FL, looks at four common wood fence problems and the various ways to fix them.

1. Leaning 

A leaning fence may indicate underlying problems that require urgent attention. Common causes of leaning include storm damage, soil problems, and weakness in the fence posts. For storm damage, you can put the fence upright again if the structure is still intact.

For soil problems, you must call in a landscaping expert for grading and drainage to prevent wood fence rot. If you suspect weakness in the fence posts, you can add metal braces and steel splints to make them stronger.

2. Rot or Insect Damage

If there are signs of rot or insect damage in your wood fence, you must replace the affected part. Ignoring the damage will bring down the entire fence after a short while.

You can prevent rot by staining the fence every few years.

Proper staining also keeps the fence looking great for longer because the stain reduces the impact of UV rays.  

Insect damage is trickier to handle, but it’s one of the most common wood fence problems. First, you must determine the insect(s) you’re dealing with.

Termites, carpenter ants, and other firewood insects are all threats to your wood fence. The first two are the most devasting. Therefore, you need to call in an exterminator if you suspect their presence anywhere on your landscaping.

It takes a while to rid an area of termites and carpenter ants fully. You should wait for the “all clear” before repairing or replacing your wood fence.

3. Missing Wood Boards

Sections of your wood fence can fall off either due to damage, accidents, or vandalism (from humans and animals). Fortunately, replacing a missing section of wood in your fence is straightforward. You only need to find a matching piece, then paint and stain it to match the rest of your fence.

If you have boards falling off the fence undisturbed, replacing them may not solve the problem. Call in an expert to investigate the issue properly. You don’t want to continue wasting money on repairs when the fence needs replacing.

4. Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can damage your fence. The constant exposure to the elements in a humid environment allows them to grow on any wooden surface—including your fence.

Spraying the wood with a pressure washer can wash off the mold and mildew. With the fence clean, you can apply a fresh layer of stain to prevent a recurrence.

Hire a Team of Wood Fence Repair Professionals

Do you need help with any of the above wood fence problems? Consult a professional company like Gulf To Bay Fence. The experts will look at the condition of your fence and recommend the best solutions to correct any problems. Request an inspection today.

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