How Do Fence Companies Find Property Lines?

how do fence companies find property lines

How do fence companies find property lines when they need to install a new fence? After all, many counties and municipalities have restrictions on where property owners can place a fence on their property. Some counties allow you to build your fence directly on the boundary lines of your lot, while others require a certain distance between the fence and the property line.

These lines can be hard enough to find on your own, so how do fence companies find them? There are a few methods they use, all of which you can try yourself.

Conduct a Survey

How do fence companies find property lines before building a fence? Often, they hire a professional surveyor to conduct an official survey on the boundaries of a lot.

While this is the most expensive method, you can rest assured that your new survey will be 100% accurate. After all, no fencing company wants to build a fence too close to a property line or on a neighbor’s land!

You may have conducted a new survey when you bought your home, as many real estate lenders require a survey before they’ll issue you a loan. Make sure to check the deed for your property before you go through the trouble of paying for another survey!

Do a Web Search

Anyone can conduct a web search to look for property boundaries online. While some of these maps aren’t accurate or legally binding, they’ll give professional fence companies a good place to start. Plus, if your local assessor’s office has a website, you may be able to find accurate maps there as well.

Look for Physical Markers

If you’ve recently moved into your home, there may still be physical markers there that help you find your property lines, such as flags or stakes. A previous homeowner could have marked the boundaries of the lot with a fence or marker as well. Fence companies will look for anything like this when conducting their survey, and you should look for them as well.

Look Up Existing Documents

As mentioned earlier, a survey should have been done on your land when you first purchased your home. The property deed itself should have a legal description of your land within it, along with your parcel number and other important information about your property. You may have received a plat (or surveyor’s map) with your deed as well.

How do fence companies find property lines? For Gulf To Bay Fence, it’s a matter of consistency, reliability, and quality service. If you’re looking for fence companies in St. Petersburg, FL, or have questions about property lines, don’t hesitate to contact Gulf To Bay Fence at 727-513-6763 today.

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