How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last in St. Petersburg, FL?

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If you’re ready to build a fence on your property, you might wonder how long a vinyl fence lasts in St. Petersburg, Florida. Vinyl fences are a great option for St. Petersburg homes. If you’re searching “Vinyl fences near me,” keep reading to discover how long the fence should last and how to extend its life. 

How to Help Your Fence Last Longer

Even with the harsh coastal air, a vinyl fence should last between 20 and 30 years in St. Petersburg. The best fencing contractors can help keep your fence lasting longer by using the following tips.

1. Choose the Right Location

While the St. Petersburg building code requires your fence to sit a certain distance from your street or property line, consider other important factors when deciding the best property location for your fence. The following characteristics help determine how long your fence will last:

  • Sunlight exposure: While it’s true that vinyl fades less than other materials, constant exposure to UV rays can still fade the fence over time and leave it vulnerable to cracking. If possible, find a location for your fence that mitigates its exposure to sunlight.
  • Soil quality: If your soil settles or shifts after contractors install the fence posts, it can damage the fence. An expert can help determine the best location for fence installation based on the soil’s stability.
  • Landscaping: If your ground is swampy or uneven, it can pose a challenge to the durability of your fence. You should also avoid placing your fence near overhanging trees or where you use lawn equipment to maintain your landscaping.

2. Install It Properly

How long does a vinyl fence last? That partially depends on how well you install it, which is an important reason to hire a professional for the job. Things that prevent the proper installation of the fence include:

  • Placing posts too close together
  • Digging too shallow holes for the posts
  • Placing the corner posts later than the other posts
  • Installing it too close to loose rocks or debris
  • Using the same method to place gate posts as other supporting posts

3. Maintain the Fence

Clean your vinyl fence with a hose or pressure washer every three to six months. You can also add a detergent or a light bleach mixture to remove any bacteria on the fence, which can increase its life expectancy by five to seven years. Also, inspect it for damage twice a year to proactively address small problems before they become severe.

4. Clear the Area

Impact damage from trees or loose rocks can severely damage your fence. Trim your trees to prevent falling branches and clear any unstable landscaping or environmental features that will prevent the fence from lasting a full 30 years.

Contact Gulf to Bay Fence for All Your Fence Needs

How long does a vinyl fence last? Up to 30 years if you use the above tips. From installation to maintenance, Gulf to Bay Fence approaches every fencing project with professionalism and expertise. 

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