How Long Does a Wood Fence Last?

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Several types of fencing exist, but many homeowners prefer the look and feel of wood. Wooden fences add beauty and charm to a property, but many ask, “How long does a wood fence last?” St. Petersburg’s wood fence contractors at Gulf to Bay Fence can help answer this question. 

What Factors Impact a Wooden Fence’s Lifespan?

When weighing the pros and cons of different fences, wood has certain drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is its shorter lifespan than other materials like vinyl or steel. However, this doesn’t mean that wood is a lousy investment. 

Essentially, having a wooden fence that can stand the test of time ultimately depends on these factors:

The Wood Type 

Different wood types provide different resistance to issues like: 

  • Decay
  • Mold
  • Warping
  • Rotting 

To provide the best resistance possible, contractors generally opt for douglas fir, redwood, or cedar. Besides the material itself, whether or not contractors seal or stain your lumber also has an impact. Additionally, you want wooden fences that are pressure treated.

Unfortunately, factors like using younger trees, allowing for slack and waning, and thinner boards have reduced the quality of lumber available. However, when you work with the right fencing company, they can create your wooden fence using high-quality material. 

Implementing Regular Maintenance 

Proper maintenance also considerably influences the answer to the question, “How long does a wood fence last?” For implementing regular maintenance, start by ensuring your fence isn’t in danger of uprooting. Get rid of nearby bushes or vines, as these can trigger issues like wood rot. 

You should also thoroughly inspect your wooden fencing at least once a year. This process should involve checking your wooden boards for any signs of rotting, decaying, warping, or mold growth. You’ll need to replace the faulty boards if you spot issues like these. 

Besides inspecting the wood panels or board, check for loose nails or screws, or falling posts. You should also thoroughly clean your fence every couple of years while restaining and repainting it. For the best results, you can call a fence repair company. 

Monitoring Pests 

Many homeowners love wood for its natural look, making it more attractive than options like steel or aluminum. Unfortunately, homeowners aren’t the only ones that love wooden fencing. 

Many insects, like carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and termites, love to snack on or live in wood. Protecting your wood from rotting or warping is the best way to prevent these pests. 

Most pests prefer invading wood fences that have already weakened. Rugged, sturdy wood reinforced by posts or sealant is much harder to attack. You’ll want to call a pest control company if you find a pest infestation. 

Let Gulf to Bay Fence Help Today 

All around, wooden fences are beautiful and add a certain appeal unmatched by other materials. However, there are some considerations you should account for before installing. The Gulf to Bay Fence team can help ensure your wooden fence is properly installed and durable.

If you are still wondering, “How long does a wood fence last?” or have more questions, contact the Gulf to Bay Fence team today!

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