How to Approach Your Neighbors About Getting a Privacy Fence

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Are you looking to have a wood privacy fence installed between your home and a neighbor’s home?

There are plenty of reasons to want to get a privacy fence. It doesn’t mean that you dislike or distrust your neighbor; many people want privacy for its own sake. 

Whether you have a pet, small children, or you like to know that you’re free to do whatever you like in your home or yard without anyone peeking in on you, a privacy fence is a great idea for many homeowners.

But how can you discuss this with your neighbors? We have a few ideas so you can start working on the fence that you want. Keep reading to learn more. 

Discuss the Appearance

Sometimes the problems that neighbors and communities have with fences revolve around the appearance of the fence.

Not all fences are created equal, and you must do what you can to suit your own aesthetic and the aesthetic of your community. After all, they’re all going to see it. 

There are plenty of fence materials and varieties, so discuss what would be appropriate for the situation. 

Talk About Potential Concerns

Some neighbors may have concerns about your fence, and it’s your job to soothe them. 

If your neighbor has a child that’s likely to climb your fence and hurt themself or a dog that’s prone to digging under fences and getting stuck, talk about potential solutions so you have a plan before that happens. 

Agree on Boundaries 

If you don’t know the boundaries of your property, this is a great time to get a surveyor out to your home or to discuss boundaries with your neighbor. You don’t want to run into any issues with your neighbor feeling as though your fence overlaps onto their property (unless you have a shared fence; more on that later). 

Making sure that you agree on boundaries ahead of time prevents any issues in the future. Save yourself the headache!

Ask About Sharing the Privacy Fence Cost

If you’ve discussed the privacy fence and both you and your neighbor feel as though it’s a good idea, it’s time to ask about sharing the cost of the privacy fence. This may be the difference between getting a cheap privacy fence and an expensive one.

When you’re both going to be benefiting from something, it’s reasonable to share the burden. That said, this also means that you’ll be sharing the decisions about height, appearance, and installation. Make sure that this is okay with you and that you and your neighbor have discussed the nitty-gritty details before you get started!

Your Privacy Fence Isn’t Just About You

While the privacy fence is something that you want for your own peace of mind, your neighbors may also have opinions on it. If you want to maintain goodwill and peace in your neighborhood, consider discussing it with them ahead of time.

You’ll have happier neighbors, an easier installation process, and no need to worry. 

Are you looking to have a privacy fence installed between you and your neighbors? We’re the team for you. Contact us for a free estimate so we can get started on your fence today!

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