How to Build a Custom Fence: Design Ideas

how to build a custom fence

A custom fence around your home can be an excellent way to improve your property’s privacy, boost home security, and add a visual appeal to your yard. However, many people don’t know how to build a custom fence. 

Contacting a reputable fencing contractor for custom fence solutions and using do-it-yourself fence kits can simplify the process. Before you begin your fencing project, consult our guide below for ideas and inspiration.

Materials for Building a Custom Fence

Whether you want to learn how to build a custom fence as a DIY project or prefer to hire a contractor, the first decision to make is which fencing material you like. 

Wood is the most popular option because of its natural beauty. Panels and planks consisting of cypress, redwood, and western red cedar will create a stunning aesthetic while resisting pests. 

Vinyl is another common fencing material. It’s incredibly durable, can last up to thirty years, and requires little to no maintenance beyond an occasional washing with a hose. Vinyl fencing is available in many colors and designs and can mimic the appearance of wood. 

Metal fencing like aluminum, chain link, and wrought iron are other options. These fences tend to be less private than wood and vinyl but create a decorative border around the property and keep pets in the yard.

Custom Fence Design Ideas

1. Patio Fence

A patio fence encloses your backyard as a privacy fence and a gate with decorative ironwork. You can build your custom fence using wood or vinyl, keeping the planks close together to shield most of your garden and patio from prying eyes. However, a metal gate adds some visibility into the property while giving the fence an attractive decorative feature.

2. Metal Post Fence

Wood planks may offer a lovely visual appeal, but wood fencing can develop several issues that, without adequate maintenance, can shorten its lifespan to 10 to 15 years. However, installing steel fence posts on the side of the fence facing your yard will give strength to the weakest part of the structure without sacrificing its curb appeal.

3. Contemporary Farmhouse Fence

This farmhouse fence design includes closely fitted wood panels topped with a shadowbox grid on the planks to allow some visibility. Decorative post caps atop each post add a sense of charm and a farmhouse feel to the fence.

Hire Professionals to Build the Perfect Custom Fence

The decision to build a fence comes with making choices about everything from materials to design to function. Now that you know how to build a custom fence and have an idea about the style that will suit your property perfectly, it’s time to contact the professionals.

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