How To Cover a Chain-Link Fence on Your Pinellas Property for Privacy

Chain Link Fence and Building Exterior

A durable privacy screen can improve a property’s curb appeal and practicality. However, many aren’t sure how to cover a chain-link fence in Pinellas County. Gulf to Bay Fence contractors explain how to upgrade chain-link fences with beautiful privacy screens.

What Is a Privacy Screen?

A privacy screen is a solid covering that you can fix to the surface of your existing fence across the perimeter of your property line. These fences discourage trespassers and obstruct prying eyes. Most privacy fences are available in materials like:

However, you can also modify a chain-link fence with privacy screens.

Chain-Link Privacy Slats

You can fortify your chain-link fence by inserting aluminum or PVC privacy slats between the metal. These robust materials withstand water and impact damage, requiring little upkeep year-round. A professional fence installation team can install privacy slats between your chain-link fence within just a few hours. 

However, slats may not be the most attractive choice for your lawn in Pinellas County, Florida. They expose chain-links and only provide about three-quarters of the visual blockage other fences on this list offer.

Wood Panels

Wood panels provides the highest level of privacy — often providing 100% visual coverage. Fencing specialists can screw these panels into your existing chain-link fence with curved brackets. This method guarantees a faster installation than conventional nails and hammers.

Wood panels are a stylish choice for any Pinellas home. However, they can be pricey depending on the wood you choose. They can also deteriorate over time due to rain, snow, or high winds.

Bamboo Screens

Bamboo screens are tough and eco-friendly. 

Learning how to cover a chain-link fence in Pinellas County with bamboo isn’t too challenging. Simply insert vertical poles along the sides of your chain-link fence and secure the rolls evenly across the entire perimeter.

If you own a large fence, you may need to purchase multiple rolls of bamboo to cover both sides of your chain-link.

Mesh Fences

Mesh windscreens are popular among some homeowners in Pinellas County. While most mesh chain-link fences are available in prefabricated panels, you can apply this material to your fence separately.

Simply zip-tie the corners of the fabric to the ends of your fence posts and tighten the mesh to prevent excess slack.

Compared to other privacy screens on this list, a mesh fence is the most cost-efficient solution.

Upgrade Your Privacy in Pinellas With Gulf to Bay Fence

Reinforcing your chain-link fence with a reliable privacy screen is a practical way to enhance your home security and comfort. However, it’s best to call the experts for a reliable installation. The Gulf to Bay Fence crew is ready to help when you need fair pricing on a long-lasting fence.

Do you still wonder how to cover a chain-link fence in Pinellas County? Contact Gulf to Bay Fence in Largo, FL.

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