How to Extend the Height of a Chain Link Fence in St. Petersburg, FL

how to extend the height of a chain link fence

Are you wondering how to extend the height of a chain link fence? Gulf to Bay Fence, St Petersburg’s reliable chain link fence company, is here to clarify several ways to make your chain link fence taller, either by adding more material to your current fence or making your posts taller. Learn how to achieve this simple feat, then connect with Gulf to Bay Fence for all of your fence needs.  

Methods for Extending the Height of Your Chain Link Fence

Before adding extra inches to your chain link fence, you must consider Florida property law rules and regulations. The last thing you want is to tear down your new fence addition after working so hard to put it up. The allowed fence heights for St. Petersburg properties can range from four to six feet high, though double-check the regulations before proceeding.

Consider the following helpful ways to make your fence taller with minimal effort.

Install Mesh Cloth on Your Fence Top

You can cut the appropriate amount of mesh cloth, then secure it either with T-posts or baling wire. This simple method can add two feet or less to your chain link fence. One of the best things about it is you don’t have to reassemble your fence in its entirety. 

Heighten Your Fence with Tenax

Tenax, a plastic material that comes in numerous colors, can add valuable chain link fence height. It involves a similar installation process as mesh cloth and is pet-safe. 

Use Line Posts or PVC Piping

If you’re wondering how to extend the height of a chain link fence, think about making your posts taller. Purchase some PVC piping or line posts that you can connect to your existing posts. With this method, you’ll need to remove the chain link and reattach it once you have your desired height. 

Remember not to go higher than six feet, as you may need to completely disassemble the fence and start over to adhere to local codes. Check that you’ve securely connected the pipes and chain link with wire ties or another reliable material.

Use Welded Wire or a Fence Extension Kit

One of the easiest ways to add height is by purchasing a fence extension kit. They come with everything you need to elongate your metal fence, including clamps, poles, fencing material, and more. 

In addition, welded wire can be a great option. Welded wire blends seamlessly with chain links, as they’re similar in appearance and can attach to posts with durable wire ties.

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No matter which method you utilize, making your fence taller can keep people or dogs out. Now that you’ve learned how to extend the height of a chain link fence in St. Petersburg, FL, you can enjoy a fence you’ll love. If you’re still having trouble, connect with the trusted fencing team in Pinellas County. 

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