How to Install a Chain-Link Fence with Wooden Posts

how to install a chain link fence with wooden posts

You might not think to combine the look of wood and chain-link fences but this popular option, also known as a California-style fence, has plenty of benefits. Discover how to install a chain-link fence with wooden posts in this helpful guide from the experts at Gulf To Bay Fence. As the leading chain-link fence contractor in Pinellas County, their specialists understand the right way to install fencing so it looks great and remains sturdy. 

Benefits of California-Style Fencing

Installing a hybrid fence using wooden posts and chain-link wires has significant advantages. It gives your property a unique aesthetic that combines rural and industrial looks. You can also customize the fence to your liking with different stain colors for the wooden fences and optional privacy slats to go in between the wires. 

Other notable benefits of California-style fencing include:

  • Durability: The galvanized steel wires in chain-link fences are incredibly strong and long-lasting. These qualities make chain-link fencing ideal for property security
  • Minimal maintenance requirements: Keep your fence in excellent condition without performing extensive maintenance work. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: You won’t break the bank installing this fence, thanks to the affordability of chain-link fabric. 

Step-By-Step Process for Installing Chain-Link Fences with Wooden Posts

If you’re wondering how to install a chain-link fence with wooden posts, the first step is to plan ahead. Contractors must measure the perimeter and figure out exactly where to place the fence. This determines how many materials they need to order.

Once they gather all the necessary materials and tools, they can proceed with the following steps.

Secure Fence Posts

Experts must dig holes deep enough to place the wooden posts. After setting them in the ground, they’ll apply gravel and concrete to keep each post secure. 

Add Chain-Link Fabric and Top Rail

Once the posts are in place, it’s time to unroll the fence fabric and tie it to the end and corner posts. Using a fence stretcher gives the fabric the tightest hold during this step. Contractors then add staples along the top rail along every side of the fence. 

Apply Tension

The final step involves adding tension bands to the end and corner posts. The completed project should have no loose fittings or excess fabric. 

Fence Maintenance Tips

It’s not enough to know how to install a chain-link fence with wooden posts. You must care for the fence by cleaning any debris that builds up on the posts and checking for damage periodically. Trim any nearby plants so they don’t envelop the chain-link wires. 

In addition apply a sealant and stain to the wooden posts every few years. This simple step protects the posts from:

  • Sun exposure
  • Water damage
  • Rot

A new stain also spruces up the look of each post if they become faded. 

Contact Your Local Chain-Link Fencing Experts 

The specialists at Gulf To Bay Fence know how to install a chain-link fence with wooden posts and will upgrade your property with this fencing option quickly. Reach out to our team today if you’re ready to take advantage of California-style fencing. 

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