How to Install Wood Fence Panels on Uneven Ground

You have no control over the ground’s slope where your home or business sits. Does having a sloped yard make wood fencing installation impossible? Not necessarily.

Discover how to install wood fence panels on uneven ground in this helpful guide from the experts at Gulf To Bay Fence. You can enjoy all the benefits of wood fencing no matter what type of hill your property rests on. 

Challenges of Installing Fences on Sloped Yards

Constructing a fence on uneven ground isn’t impossible but it does present some challenges for contractors and property owners alike. Installers have to modify the traditional process of using vertical posts, horizontal rails, and vertical pickets or boards. An improper installation can cause problems for the property owner, such as:

  • Having a fence that’s more prone to falling over.
  • Enduring wood sagging or warping that affects the fence’s appearance.
  • Making fence maintenance more difficult. 

Learn how to install wood fence panels on uneven ground so you can avoid these problems and enjoy a high-quality, visually appealing fence. 

How Professionals Build a Fence on a Slope

Constructing a fence on uneven ground often calls for one of three methods. Check out the techniques experts use during a difficult installation project. 

Stepped Fence

Contractors usually accommodate yards with a large slope by installing a stepped fence. This involves placing each panel a step up from the prior post as you install materials up a hill. This type of fencing won’t give you uniform lines across each row of panels but is one of the easiest ways to work around uneven ground. 

Racked Fence

Does your property have a slope that’s less than 15 degrees? A racked fence is the ideal option for your yard. This fence features pickets and vertical posts that are all uniform while the horizontal rails have a slight slant to follow the slope of the yard. 

Level-Topped Fence

Yards that don’t have a noticeable slope but aren’t exactly flat benefit from having a level-topped fence. Contractors will perform a normal installation like they would for fences on flat surfaces. Any dips in the ground may appear between the fence posts, so you can get creative with your landscaping to cover them up. 

Importance of Hiring Professional Fence Installers

Even if you know how to install wood fence panels on uneven ground, it’s best to rely on a professional fencing company for the project. Experts have access to durable materials and always check local fencing laws before beginning their work. Failing to build a fence up to code or on the wrong property line can start disputes with your neighbors and end up costing money to replace the fence. 

Contact Your Local Fencing Experts at Gulf To Bay Fence

Do you have various slopes and dips on your property but want to put up a secure fence? The specialists at Gulf To Bay Fence know how to install wood fence panels on uneven ground and promise to deliver satisfactory results. Contact them today to discuss your options and schedule a consultation. 

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