How to Keep Grass from Growing Under a Chain Link Fence on Your St. Petersburg Property

how to keep grass from growing under chain link fence

Everyone loves having a flawlessly manicured lawn and a beautiful-looking fence. However, many St. Petersburg property owners wonder how to keep grass from growing under a chain link fence, as the stubborn grass and weeds underneath are frustrating and unsightly. Your go-to chain link fence contractor in St. Petersburg, FL, is here to answer this question and offer multiple ways to address this common issue.

Ways to Stop Grass from Growing Under Chain Link Fences

Learning how to get rid of and stop grass from growing under your chain link fence is essential to having your property look its best. Most methods require minimal effort and are extremely effective. However, you can always contact Gulf to Bay Fence’s professional team for one-on-one assistance and fencing services in and around St. Petersburg, FL.

Here are some of the best ways to remove grass from your Florida boundary markers and prevent it from coming back.

Create a Physical Barrier

Grass will be unable to grow when it has one of the following physical barriers in place:

  • A Trench: Using a garden spade, dig a small trench under the fence on either side. You can use landscaping fabric for the base and hold it in place with landscape staples. Place mulch, pea gravel, or rocks to stop the grass from spreading. 
  • Vinyl Strips: These six-inch-wide strips stop the growth of grass.

Mowstrips: Like vinyl strips, Mowstrips are plastic barriers that work well with multiple fence types. You can install these at the very bottom of your chain link fence. 

You can always ask a trusted professional which method may work best. Gulf to Bay Fence will help you address weeds, grass growth, and more.

Regularly Maintain the Surrounding Grass

When learning how to keep grass from growing under a chain link fence, it’s always good to mow the grass on your side of the fence. If you and your neighbor take care of grass and weeds along either side of the fence line, your yards and fences will look better. Trim any weeds as they crop up, and don’t let the grass get too high. 

Spray a Safe Herbicide 

You can use one of the best lawn weed killers available to safely eliminate grass growth under your fence. You should always read a herbicide’s labels before applying it to ensure it won’t damage other areas of your yard. 

Reach Out to Gulf to Bay Fence in St. Petersburg, FL

Fences add privacy and visual appeal to St. Petersburg homes, and Gulf to Bay Fence’s professional team can help install them. Finding the best one for your home, style preferences, and budget is easy with the help of Gulf to Bay Fence. The business can ensure flawless installation and expert workmanship.

Contact Gulf to Bay Fence if you’re still unsure about how to keep grass from growing under a chain link fence or are interested in any top-quality fence services. They proudly serve St. Petersburg, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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