Is It Worth Staining an Old Fence in St. Petersburg, FL?

is it worth staining an old fence

Gulf To Bay Fence Explains When To Stain an Old Fence and the Benefits Offered by These Protective Seals

While your home’s fence usually adds to its aesthetic and increases privacy, an old fence can detract from your property. As your painted fence fades, you might wonder, is it worth staining an old fence?

Adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to your wood fence could allow you to revitalize an old structure and avoid a replacement. In this blog post, experts from Gulf To Bay Fence outline the benefits of staining a fence.

Contacting reputable fence companies in St. Petersburg, FL, ensures you stain a fence at the appropriate time. Professionals from Gulf To Bay Fence provide top-rated fence staining services to protect your home’s perimeter fence. Call for services today.

Benefits of Staining a Fence

Is it worth staining an old fence? Staining a fence of any age offers wide-ranging benefits that can help you avoid an early replacement. Read below about some of the most significant benefits of these protective coatings.

Weather Protection

Stained fences have an additional layer of protection against the elements. As such, rain, wind, and snow won’t have as significant an impact on your fence. Especially for older structures, a stain could be key to getting a few more years out of your fence.

Prevents Sun Damage

Sun damage can significantly reduce the appearance and durability of your fence. Many stains include chemicals that help protect the wood against sun damage. Add a stain to reduce fading caused by sun exposure.

Improves Aesthetics

Wood stains come in many different tones and shades. Ultimately, these additives transform your fence’s look and upgrade curb appeal. Improve your home aesthetic by staining your fence today.

Revitalizes Older Fences

Older fences could have a few years left with proper treatment. Adding a stain can revitalize your aging fence and potentially avoid a replacement. 

Extends Lifespan

Stains can significantly extend a fence’s lifespan. Maximize any remaining years in your perimeter fence by adding a stain today.

When To Stain a Fence After Installation

While considering the question, “Is it worth staining an old fence?” it’s also essential to know the right time to stain your fence. Newly installed fences should not receive a stain until at least three weeks after installation. During this crucial period, the fence material grows accustomed to the weather. 

Test Fence Dryness Before Staining

You should also test fence dryness before staining.

Put a few drops of water on your fence and observe. If they immediately absorb into the material, the fence is ready for staining. If the water slides down the fence, it is likely too wet.

Improve Your Property With a Perimeter Fence From Gulf To Bay Fence

Whether you need privacy fence ideas or installation services, call Gulf To Bay Fence. Contact them today to answer the question, “Is it worth staining an old fence?” or request services.

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