Selecting the Perfect Two-Tone Vinyl Fence Colors for Your St. Petersburg, FL, Property

two-tone vinyl fence colors

Are you searching for “vinyl fences near me” but need one that’s stylish? Fencing styles are currently trending toward two-tone vinyl fence colors.

Gulf To Bay Fence has this season’s most trendy fences, as well as styles that remain classic year after year. Keep reading to discover the best two-toned fences.

This Year’s Two-Tone Fencing Trends

Vinyl fences provide several benefits over other materials, such as:

  • Low-maintenance material that you can easily clean
  • A life expectancy of 50 years or more
  • Higher durability that resists severe weather

If you’re opting for a trendy fence, check out these most popular options.

Gray and White

A white vinyl fence paired with gray accents is this year’s most popular trend. While it stands out from traditional single-tone fences, it offers a neutral color combination that can match all your outside decor and landscaping. The combination usually consists of a white frame with gray privacy panels rather than the reverse.

White and Tan

A white frame with tan privacy panels is a long-standing trend that’s still rising in popularity. The tan seamlessly accentuates surrounding trees and wood decks or gazebos. The combination is most popular for containing a private swimming pool.

Slate and White

While this combination isn’t as versatile as other options, it’s the perfect fit for houses with darker siding. The dark, bold slate contrasted against the pure white stands out from your neighbors without feeling gaudy or garish.

Clay and Tan

You’re probably wondering if clay and tan are too close together to provide enough contrast. However, our designers go wild for this combination of two-tone vinyl fence colors because it provides a subtle contrast while staying unique from what every other homeowner has. This combination looks especially stunning against a house with white siding.

Charcoal and White

If your home has a modern and contemporary design, consider the charcoal and white combination. A white frame and charcoal panels are some of the less popular trends, but with the right house, the fence can shine. 

Black and Tan

If you’ve invested in creating an outdoor living space, a black frame with tan panels can boost its curb appeal. The color combination communicates luxury and accentuates the beauty of your outdoor decor. Opt for a rounded top to create a more unique aesthetic.

Brown Two-Tone

If you want all the advantages of vinyl but the classic appearance of wood, consider two shades of brown for your vinyl fence. They provide a great rustic look and are a perfect addition to large yards or those on the edge of a wooded area.

Find All Your Fence Needs at Gulf To Bay Fence

Do you want access to the best variety of two-tone vinyl fence colors in Pinellas County and the surrounding areas? Gulf To Bay Fence offers a wide range of vinyl fencing with the most competitive prices and can help you navigate local fencing codes.

To schedule a fence installation or ask about fencing options, contact Gulf To Bay Fence today.

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