Should You Build a Fence on an Uneven Ground on Your St. Petersburg, FL, Property?

fence on uneven ground

Have you ever built something on your property, whether a porch in front of your home or a patio in the backyard? Your professional contractor may have had to level out small bumps in the ground to create a flat surface to work with, but what if your home rests on a large hill or sloped landscape? This question raises another: “Can you build a fence on uneven grounds?” 

The “#1 fence company near me” in Pinellas County, Gulf To Bay Fence, explains the difficulty of building on uneven ground and what they can do to make it possible.

Why Is Building on a Slope Different?

Building on flat grounds is usually simple. After deciding on the preliminary details like the fence’s height, length, location, and materials, the contractors install vertical posts two to three feet into the ground. According to Today’s Homeowner, they backfill it with gravel before attaching the horizontal rails to complete the frame. Then, they add panels within the frame as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Unfortunately, a slope places each picket at a slightly different elevation, creating a choppy fence outline. Also, the rails won’t connect properly, making the fence weaker. As a result, panels sag or warp due to a poor connection, and the whole fence may fall, making it a liability. 

The Top Three Best Ways to Build a Fence for Irregular Topography

Luckily, some slope-adaptable fencing solutions are available, but they depend on variations in your ground elevation. 

Level Top Fencing for Slight Ground Variation 

If dips create low spots, experts opt for a ground contour fence installation in St. Petersburg by altering the ground rather than the fence. They’ll fill concaves with gravel, soil, or rocks, making your property level before a traditional installation. But, if erosion or settling soil causes the ground to later sink, consider covering small baseline gaps with tall grass, shrubbery, or flowerbeds. 

Stepped Fencing for Deep Slopes

If your St. Petersburg property slope is at ten degrees or less, racking fences look uneven, so consider stepped fencing instead. Installing a fence on sloped grounds with this method means adding steps around your land’s perimeter so you’ll have uniform sets of pickets that make up a panel. Each panel will be a step higher than the one preceding it. 

Racking Fences for Mild Slopes

Uneven terrain fencing includes a racking fence on uneven grounds with angled rails. The rails mimic your property’s slope, meaning if your yard has a 20-degree slope, your rails will too, creating less of a gap below the fence. The pickets attach to the top and bottom rails vertically, but the ends are shaven into an angle, accommodating the slant.

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Whether you’re wondering how to avoid a sagging fence gate or how one goes about leveling fences on uneven surfaces, contact Gulf to Bay Fence. They’ve been serving St. Petersburg and surrounding areas for over 15 years. So, contact them for a free estimate when installing a fence on uneven ground today!

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