The Different Types of Fences Explained: Uses, Benefits, and Costs

types of fences

In need of a new fence and struggling to decide on which kind to get? We get it. This is a big investment and you want to make sure you’ll like the finished product.

To pick among the various types of fences out there, it’s important to consider three things—uses benefits, and cost.

Keep reading for a quick guide on how each type of fence measures up.

1. Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is used to give you a feeling of seclusion from neighboring houses. They are generally over 6 feet tall but it depends on the layout of your yard and the yard next to you.

The cost is going to be slightly higher than other kinds of fences because of the raw materials required. The vinyl version will be less expensive than if you go with a wooden privacy fence.

The biggest benefit of this fence? Privacy, of course.

2. A Classic Picket Fence

If you don’t require as much privacy but you want to use your fence to boost the curb appeal, a picket fence might be perfect.

The modern picket fence can be made from wood or vinyl with the fence installation cost being higher for wood.

A picket fence is low maintenance and costs less than a privacy fence.

3. Modern Aluminum Fence

Many modern homes feature aluminum fences. It’s one of the best fences for yards with kids and pets because it’s very durable.

As far as the benefits, it’s affordable and it looks great. And there is hardly any maintenance. You can ask your fence installation representative about the suggested height of the aluminum fence because it can be customized to your liking.

4. Spruce up a Chain Link Fence

Some homeowners are wary to use chain link for their backyard fences, but it’s durable, maintenance, and great for outdoor pets.

You can use shrubs or on-the-vine plants to create a more aesthetically appealing chain link fence. This way, you spend less money on the fence and still get a boost to the curb appeal of the house.

Adding plants to your chain link fence also adds a level of privacy that you wouldn’t get with a standard chain link or a picket fence. 

5. DIY Vinyl Fencing

Looking for the polished look of vinyl fencing but don’t want to pay for fence installation? Maybe the DIY vinyl fence is your next home project.

You can save money by getting the direct materials and building the fence yourself! Vinyl fences look great and last for years.

Time to Pick From These Types of Fences

You now have a better idea of the types of fences and the benefits of each one. The material, height, and style will also play a part in your ultimate decision.

Whether you’re fixing the fence to keep your dog from wandering or you’re looking for a backyard makeover, we’re happy to help you with the project.

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