Transform Your Yard With Popular Vinyl Fence Styles

vinyl fence styles

Vinyl fences have grown in popularity among Florida homeowners. You can easily customize them to suit almost any need with the help of a professional fence contractor like Gulf to Bay Fence. If you’re searching “vinyl fences near me” in your favorite search engine, you might appreciate the vinyl fence styles detailed below. 

Picket Styles for a Traditional Suburban Look

Nothing beats the elegant sprawl of a traditional picket fence. A white vinyl fence can give your property that classic, welcoming glow while encircling your home in security. You can confidently turn your dogs out to play without worrying whether they’ll encroach on neighbors’ space. 

Picket fences can raise property value and curb appeal. If you want to sell your home now or in the future, add a vinyl picket fence to attract quality buyers to what promises to be their new humble home. 

Screen Styles for Extra Privacy and Security

A vinyl privacy fence can still look stylish. Screen fences combine the classic charm of a picket fence with the uncompromising protection of a privacy fence. Each section features a raised screen that resembles latticework or other decorative fence crowns to prevent nosy neighbors from looking over into your yard. 

These fences can also help contain dogs who are talented at jumping. They’ll also filter street noises and neighborhood sound pollution from disturbing your relaxing nights by the pool or on the porch. 

Post-And-Rail Styles for a Rustic Appearance

Love the look of a ranch rail fence? Reinvent it to match your suburban sensibilities with rustic post-and-rail systems. These vinyl fence styles are a barrier between intruders and your property while allowing you to view surrounding areas. 

You can also chain or lattice fence between each rail to prevent animals or children from escaping your property. Fence contractors, like Gulf to Bay Fence, will make quick work of fence installation with this simple style. 

Selecting the Height

Florida law requires that most fences have a five-foot minimum. Your fence company will happily accommodate your needs if your fence meets or exceeds this height. Choose a size that prevents wandering eyes from scoping out your property and keeps mischievous dogs and cats secure. 

Choosing the Color

Vinyl fence styles look fantastic in most colors. They especially shine when you choose shades that reflect natural wood. If classic white doesn’t strike your fancy, explore other color options like:

  • Rich mahogany 
  • Ash gray
  • Soft brown
  • Clay red

Other Customizations

Finally, the hardware, post caps, and other additions are the cherry on top. You want your fence to stand out and make your property look unique. You can facilitate this with subtle changes to the caps or selecting more dramatic effects. 

Don’t forget the gate design. Make a bold statement with a towering security gate or keep things quaint with a basic swinging gate. 

Consult With Gulf to Bay Fence About Your Favorite Vinyl Fence Styles

Gulf to Bay Fence has endless ideas for vinyl fence styles to help you make a memorable impression. Request an estimate on your project and learn more today. 

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