Understanding Your Security Fencing Options in St. Petersburg, FL

security fencing options

A security fence provides both privacy and protection while increasing the functionality of your outdoor space. However, with so many security fencing options in Florida, how do you choose the best one? 

Keep reading to discover what St Petersburg’s top-rated fence contractor considers the best options for security fences in the area.

8 Types of Security Fences You’ll See in St. Petersburg and Beyond

#1 Security-Enhanced Chain Link Fences

Enhanced chain link fencing is a good choice for commercial properties that already have a basic version. To improve security, fencing experts can add:

  • Barbed wire
  • Razor coils on top
  • A beam across the bottom

St. Petersburg’s local building code prohibits barbed wire at any property in a residential zone or that operates with a residential component.

#2 Palisade Fences

Palisade fencing provides great security for residential and commercial properties and offers a more aesthetically appealing solution than options like chain link fencing. It uses heavy-duty posts reinforced with horizontal and diagonal bars for durable protection without reducing visibility. 

For added security, fencers can add a concrete slab below the fence.

#3 Steel Fences

Installers can use steel fencing to construct a palisade or ornamental fence to enhance its durability. Steel resists damage better than aluminum but requires a higher investment. It’s a great option for high-risk properties, such as construction sites.

#4 Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is great for properties that endure the humid, salt-filled air of the Florida coastline. While it’s not as durable as steel, aluminum is:

  • More resistant to corrosion
  • Lightweight
  • Easier to manipulate
  • 100% recyclable

#5 Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is the perfect residential security fence because it provides both safety and curb appeal while requiring very little maintenance. It also offers incredible customization potential. 

Vinyl holds up well against both salt water and sand. So much so that the Department of Defense coats all its fencing in coastal environments with vinyl.

#6 Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fencing not only looks great, but experts can enhance it with quality materials to make it one of the most versatile security fencing options. Security ornamental fences differ from their basic counterparts by using more durable materials, reaching up higher, and spacing the slats closer together.

#7 Welded Mesh Fences

Welded mesh fencing provides a more durable option than a chain link fence. It welds (rather than weaves) the wire together. It also uses a thicker gauge to make cutting through the fencing extremely difficult and deter criminals

#8 Electronically Enhanced Fences

For extra protection, you can electronically enhance most fences with smart technology. The technology can alert you when someone approaches the fence. You can also install cameras for extra visibility.

The St. Petersburg Fence Experts Help Homeowners Choose the Best Security Fencing Option

If you need help choosing from among the best security fencing options for your home or business, Gulf to Bay Fence’s trusted fencing experts in St. Petersburg provide quality advice and customized solutions. 

Keep your property safe and private—contact Gulf to Bay Fence today.

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