Vinyl Fence Ideas and Styles for Your Pinellas County Home

vinyl fence styles

A sturdy and attractive fence is a way to make your house feel more like a home and create a sense of safety and security. But installing just any old fence could end up costing you more than it’s worth. That’s why Gulf To Bay Fence provides professional installation of various long-lasting and economical vinyl fences.

Why Choose a Vinyl Fence?

Whether your goal is to impress your neighbors with your landscaping and exterior design or get some space from them with a semi-privacy or privacy fence, vinyl fencing is an attractive option. Vinyl is weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and customizable. 

A Wealth of Styles

Vinyl fences come in many colors to match and complement your house. The material molds easily into a nearly limitless range of shapes, giving you more options than wood fences. From rustic and traditional to modern and sleek, there are vinyl fence styles out there that are perfect for you.

Traditional Fences

A traditional fence with a flat top rail is a simple, straightforward choice that goes well with just about any home style. It protects your pets and keeps them out of the sightline of neighboring animals.

Picket Fences

A staple of suburban living, the picket fence won’t obstruct your view, and the decorative post caps add charm to your yard.

Dog Ear Fences

The soft curved tops of the dog ear style provide a gentle, welcoming atmosphere while marking the boundary of your yard.

Semi-Privacy Fences

If you want to keep your neighbors from seeing your yard but don’t have HOA approval for a full privacy fence, a semi-privacy fence could be your solution. Its narrow slats allow some visibility but shield you from a neighbor’s casual glance.

Privacy Fences

A full privacy fence lets you keep your business your own while adding a decorative touch to your yard.

Choosing a Color

Gulf to Bay Fence always has the latest Illusions vinyl fencing in stock. We work hard to source the best quality materials at competitive prices. Our full range of colors includes:

  • White – a traditional color that brightens any home
  • Tan – an earthy color that does not show dust and dirt as easily
  • Wood Grain – perfect for a natural touch
  • A custom color – choose from a range of colors that match or complement your home color scheme

Choose Gulf To Bay Fence

Gulf to Bay Fence is a vinyl fence company in Pinellas County that offers a wide range of vinyl fence products in styles to suit every home. We have served Largo, FL, and nearby areas for fifteen years with professional installation, vinyl fence materials, and support for home fencing products. 

If you are renovating your house for a quick sale or moving into your new home, our Gulf to Bay Fence professionals will share their expertise to create a custom look that adds value to your home. For top-quality and efficient installation, call (727)-513-6763 today for a free estimate. 

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