What Are the Benefits of a Powder-Coated Aluminum Fence in St. Petersburg, FL?

powder coated aluminum fence

St. Petersburg is one of the most populated cities in Flordia, with over 258,000 residents living across 62 square miles of land. The best way to protect your residential property against the masses is with the right fence, but doing so in style means choosing a high-quality powder-coated aluminum fence.

Among the top fence companies in St. Petersburg, FL, is Gulf to Bay Fence, rated #1 in this area and Pinellas County. Below, they’ll explain everything you need to know about this crucial finish on this fencing material. 

What Does Power-Coating Mean?

Aluminum fences are elegant, whether with a shiny or matte finish. That is until they corrode from air pollution, high southern humidity, or saltwater air. Powder coating can help since it comprises electro-statically charged dry powder that attracts and adheres to metal surfaces, acting like a protective shield between the fence and the elements.

Manufacturers either dip the fence into a container of eco-friendly powder or spray it right onto the aluminum surface and heat the fence in an oven to bake it on. But what does this do for your fence?

Three Benefits of Having Aluminum Fencing with Powder Coating

A Smooth, Seamless Finish That Lasts

The corrosion-resistant powder-coated fence not only bars a rusty appearance from developing but also creates a smoother look from day one. That’s because painted aluminum fences come with drip marks and brush strokes, but a powder finish softens them. The powder-coated aluminum fencing solution, therefore, proves more aesthetic while raising property value. 

Strength and Durability Without Too Much Upkeep 

Unlike steel and iron, aluminum is a softer, more fragile metal that bends effortlessly. For example, playing soccer or basketball against it or a slight car tap can cause it to fold under pressure. 

Therefore, if you live in an area with high foot traffic and need to protect your property but have your heart set on this material, powder-coated aluminum fences in St. Petersburg are ideal. The powder adds a resilient layer that reduces how often you call for required upkeep, like paint jobs and repairs. 

More Security with the Powder-Coated Aluminum Barrier

According to Angi, traditional aluminum fences are more for creating a sleek, modern design rather than enhancing privacy and security. That’s because the lightweight material won’t stand up against forced entries like its metal counterparts. It also doesn’t offer the seclusion that wood does since spaces usually exist between decorative elements or the pickets, which could invite prying eyes and even trouble. 

However, the protective powder finish on aluminum fences acts like a hardened shell over the material, creating more durability. 

From Aluminum to Chain-Link, They Have It All!

The best types of fences not only include an aluminum fence with durable coating but any that stands up against your living conditions and climate. At Gulf to Bay Fence, the professional, licensed and insured installers ensure you receive the best every time with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. So, whether you need a powder-coated aluminum fence or something else, reach out for a free estimate!

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